Sept. 1st-2nd, 1885, 8:00am- Sept. 7th, 1885 (Back to the Future date week)


On this actual time date, and week in movie history thanks to the trilogy of “Back to the Future”, this is the time date when Marty McFly played by Michael J. Fox was sent to the date, Sept. 2nd, 1885 at 8:00 am to save Doc Emmett Brown. That was when he was sent in the western time, 130 years ago from now. And how he saved everything on Monday, September 7th, 1885 when he was in a duel and had to catch a train in order to get back to 1985. His own home time.

Thanks to it’s 30th anniversary to the trilogy and Facebook, the social network, this happened in the third movie after Doc Emmett Brown played by Christopher Lloyd disappeared in that time after lightning struck the Delorean. He was sent in the west, as Marty went after him.

Tuesday, September 1st, 1885 was when he sent a letter to Marty which was in the end of the second movie. But the beginning of the third. That’s important for what did 130 year ago.

Wednesday, September 2nd, 1885 was when Marty was sent back in 1885 at 8:00am as he ran into the calvary chasing Indians as that was important in time history in movies, for what did 130 years ago. Of course, he ran into a black bear as it ate his cowboy boots he wasn’t going to wear. Luckily he was saved by his ancestors, Seamus and Maggie McFly when he fell down the hill, and hit a fence.

Thursday, September 3rd, 1885, 130 years ago which is important, was when he ran into Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen played by Thomas F. Wilson as they were cool scenes. How he did a moonwalk, how he was dragged and almost hanged as Doc Emmett Brown made a old fashioned refrigerator. Wow. And in order to get back, the had to use a steam locomotive to push the Delorean up to 88 mph.

Also important, Friday, September 4th, 1885 was when they made their plans to back to 1985. That was when that woman appeared and should’ve died. But after that, they did do a grand scene on doing a model on how their plan was gonna work. With an electric train he made, as it was gonna be the locomotive.

Saturday, September 5th, 1885, also important, was when there was the festival on Saturday night. Clara, Doc Emmett Brown, Marty McFly, Seamus, Maggie and their baby were there as they did great dancing, shooting in games with live revolvers with ammo, as they had food there. Mad Dog Tannen was warned by Chief Marshal James Strickland played by James Tolkan as he and his pals gave away their weapons. He had a one shot pistol, as he missed thanks to Marty on throwing a pie plate like a frisbee. It hit the pistol as it hit Doc’s hat flying in the hair. He danced with Clara Clayton as Marty saved everything. He called him a ‘yellow belly’ as a duel was set for them, on Monday. Luckily, Chief Marshal James Strickland played by James Tolkan saved everything as they danced to the party. Seamus was amazed to see what Marty did.

Sunday, September 6th, 1885, also very important, was when Marty might have his name on a tombstone as a man wanted to build a coffin for him. Having the Delorean set on the rails, Doc mixed things all up as he broke up with that woman.

And finally, very important, Monday, September 7th, 1885, 130 years ago and it’s anniversary to now, was when the duel was set between Marty known as ‘Mr. Clint Eastwood’ and “Mad Dog” Tannen. The woman was gonna go to San Francisco to move, when she heard about everything. She stopped the train by pulling the emergency brake, as she ran back. After waking up Doc with wake up juice, with the duel on. With a trick Marty did, thanks to “A Fistful of Dollars” he watched in the second movie of the trilogy, he wore metal as a bulletproof vest as he knocked him out. He broke the tombstone, as Mad Dog Tannen landed on a pile of green manure. He was arrested for what he and his friends dud yesterday. The sheriff’s rangers went after his friends as they took him away. Before they rode off for a train to catch, Marty gave Seamus his pistol pack as a gift for him. Both were thanked on everything, as Doc and Marty rode off. Catching the train, and stealing the locomotive, they took off as the woman went after Doc. Doc threw three logs inside the locomotive as it was gonna go faster. It did cool and funny scenes when Clara made it aboard. How he was dragged in the wind, as the yellow log exploded. That was when she said “Golly!”. And the best part? Was how the locomotive was on turbo power after Marty said these words out very loud….


The steam locomotive almost exploded as they made it to the ravine. Doc was forced to stay behind Clara in 1885 after rescuing her, as Marty made it back to 1985 a century further ahead. And the steam locomotive? Crashed through as sign, dive-bombed off the track, exploded and that was it.

All that lead to the end of the trilogy, and that was it. Marty made it back home in his own time of 1985, as the Delorean got run over by a fright train and was destroyed for good. The west can show many stories there, even in movies like “Blazing Saddles” or any western movies that show John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, and James Stewart. This is an historic movie time date moment for what happened in that trilogy, 130 years ago and thanks to their 30th anniversary. This is a 130th anniversary to this moment for almost a week. I always knew the dates were correct, thanks to the trilogy of “Back to the Future”. Great movies, all together in three parts.

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