In a BBC documentary movie I saw on Netflix, narrated by John Hurt, that can be told in WWII history on anniversaries, he told the whole story of how the U.S. first tested the Manhattan Project on the atomic bomb, as they built a nuclear bomb to drop it on Hiroshima. During WWII on the war in the Pacific, the Japanese empire had been a serious and mean empire as Japan was dangerous. 4 year old’s wore hoodies, as teenage boys and girls in the military were being trained to fight. Even some boys were able to survive, as young girls wearing dresses were able to be sent to a safer location. In cities, they were able to duck and cover in Hiroshima during an air raid, as men were becoming very hard killers. Serious ones. Even when Japanese soldiers would make sacrifices, when they go under tanks and destroy them. Until finally, came the day hell broke loose. In the islands somewhere close to Iwo Jima, a U.S. camp held the nuclear bomb. 30 to 40 Boeing B-29 Superfortress airplanes were there. One of them was damaged on re-entry during an air attack. When the mission was told to the men, it had to be so secret, they wouldn’t tell no one until now. With a Boeing B-29 Superfortress airplane carrying the bomb, it was 4 tons to carry it as they had a okay takeoff. They flew for a day and a half presumably until…they released it over Hiroshima. They had 43 seconds to get away as it was gonna be big until they did. When the chain reaction in the bomb was armed and ignited, a mushroom cloud boomed over Hiroshima. Millions of lives were caught in the blast as they were shadows of people for where they sat and stand. They were burnt corpses as 8,000 survivors were lucky they survived. Children were dead, mothers cried, as some children lost their parents, as they cried and sobbed terribly. Some were terribly injured as Japanese soldiers helped them. Veterans that faced this cried when they had their interviews. When they speak English or Japanese. It was hell that broke loose, as flames and smoke bursted everywhere. Every building destroyed as some injured people had shattered glass on their faces. Other people couldn’t walk as they need help. A survivor covered in black all over, with no eyes, face, or any of that stuff died after walking it’s last miles after the bomb. A doc saw that when he saw it coming. When the bomb was dropped in Hiroshima and he saw the mushroom cloud, he knew they were dead. The wind blew into his house and sent the doc flying in the house across the room. Like what you see in cartoons. Meanwhile, back in Hiroshima, people were desperate for water as others were being treated in hospitals. When rain came coming down, it was black all over as the ashes were in those raindrops as the people drank that stuff like if it was what they wanted. Unfortunately, in those black ash raindrops were radiation from the bomb. Half of the people suffered from the bomb attack, when they were terribly injured, as the rest died of a disease after that and when the US dropped another atomic bomb in Nagasaki. It was radiation poisoning. The people who drank that rain, suffered as they had purple spots, as they lost their hair when they came coming off of their heads. They got sick, as some died. They were lucky ones that survived but were terribly sad. During that, after the atomic bomb was dropped, when it was raining, some Japanese civilians were able to swim in water when they reached lakes, rivers, ravines and ponds. They enjoyed the water they need as thousands went in. Those that went in first, got too much water as people were piled up in water. Those that went in last were okay, as a few thousands drowned in the waters. After all that before the disease, and the atomic bomb that hit Nagasaki, Hiroshima was completely destroyed. Almost all gone. It was a victory for the US as President Truman addressed the nation all about it. It was terrible for the emperor of Japan, the representatives, desk chairmen and important people in Japan to hear about all this. With that on those two major cities, Kobe, Tokyo and other cities in Japan firebombed, Japan surrendered the Allied Powers. US General Douglas MacArthur, the representatives of the world, the emperor of Japan, and his representatives were on a battleship as they signed to surrender on very important papers. First them, then General MacArthur, the representatives as peace was to the world. War was to be no more, as they want to keep moving forward. General MacArthur spoke a very important speech as it was the same in the movie with Gregory Peck as MacArthur. Very thoughtful in his true words. Then the US celebrated big time as the war in the Pacific was all over. Back in Japan, while some civilians in Hiroshima suffered in the radiation poisoning, it was the same as Nagasaki. For Kobe, Tokyo and other cities firebombed, people were trying to recover their injuries, as some were lucky to be home. Those that have lost everything and survived died of starvation as there were dead bodies lying around at night in train stations. That was when author Akiyuki Nosaka wrote his short story of “Grave of the Fireflies” as it was later made into an anime film, thanks to Studio Ghibli. It was based on his life experiences when he survived the end of WWII in Japan. Today, Hiroshima is way bigger and better as some old people can remember the day the nuclear bomb was dropped on Hiroshima in August 1945, a long time ago. Hiroshima can still have the marks of the shadows, in spots of the city, that show people who have been caught in the nuclear blast as they died on that day. In anniversaries finally, they give out flowers to the graves to those who have died in WWII and forget about what they had done wrong. Most importantly, to those who have died in the river on that day, citizens and civilians in Hiroshima today, would light up lanterns at night as they float in the river like boats to celebrate and honor, the dead. With beautiful lanterns at night in the rivers to remember the dead. Thanks to this BBC documentary, this is a 10/10 star documentary movie. ‘A+++’ as I still remember, “Grave of the Fireflies”. Even when they come out at night, beautifully.

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