Be human! Never trust machine!

They say robots, machines and all that stuff can take over the world since ‘Terminator’ and ‘A.I.- Artificial Intelligence’. Those movies. But we don’t want to let that happen, many years from now as well as today. Most people talked about all that in movies and stories, to think that they are real. But they are not. Thanks to Stephen Hawking’s true words in a interview once, my posts on this blog than my uncle Murray’s conversation, being human is what matters than machines.

Thanks to a very famous folklore legend, that I’ve seen in a cartoon short and a live action movie with Danny Glover, this was the ‘man VS machine’ story of John Henry. John Henry was an African American hero, who was very tall, very strong and can hold four sledgehammers. He was a pile driver on building the railroad tracks and can hit the nails down, hard. He was married to a woman named Polly presumably, as he worked hard. He was even strong enough to hit a pole, through a rock and breaking it. Also carrying 10 piles of wood. Working on the railroad, all day was okay, until things changed. When it might take a very long time to make a tunnel through a mountain, an inventor made a steam drill. One of the very few first drilling machines to go through. It was gonna take away their jobs of the workers when John Henry challenged it. Working to face 10 hours against it, hitting hard on nails into the tracks, and through the mountain with two sledgehammers, he was a man powered Arnold Schwarzenegger as he hit his hammers hard, digging himself through the mountain, and making a tunnel. In the darkness, thunder and lighting was inside as they worked stormed through as fast as they can. The winner was John Henry as he won. He made it to the end, as the steam drill didn’t make it. It malfunctioned as it was destroyed. John Henry collapsed and was dead when his heart bursted. His legend was to be never forgotten as the train tunnel he made, was dedicated to the loving memory of him. Drills today are okay, when they made tunnels. But John Henry was a great hero as he made that was splendid, with his own sledgehammers.

Hal 9000 you know of, from ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and ‘2010’ as Heywood Floyd played by Roy Scheider had to fix all that, after for what happened to astronaut Dave Bowman. But was lucky when it was destroyed, in the end of ‘2010’ when Jupiter exploded.

‘Transcendence’ was way out of bounds, as it hacked into people’s bodies as it was the same as ‘Terminator Genisys’. Johnny Depp as the scientist was way better as a human, before hid death. His wife wanted him more, but made a total mistake when she hijacked him From ‘Bicentennial Man’ and ‘I, Robot’ to ‘The Avengers: Age of Ultron’ and ‘9’, the technology like Apple is okay to use today, but we don’t want to be advancing too far ahead, even in the future. And being human is what matters, than being a machine since I saw ‘Halo Legends’ on the episode, ‘Prototype’. Soldiers like those are fighting machines, since John Candy was like that in ‘Stripes’.

So be human, and be what you are no matter what for good. Not for anything bad. And don’t even think about making animals like lions, pandas or any of those critters be an endangered species.

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