Meet Dave

Long before I watched “The Secret World of Arrietty” by Studio Ghibli, and the John Goodman movie of “The Borrowers”, I always knew what little people would look like when they are small and tiny. In a Eddie Murphy movie, there was oddball man who was a fish out of water in New York City. But not quite.

He looked human on the outside, but inside he was a robot spaceship! Like a human, disguised as a robot spaceship, little people control that thing as they control the entire body. Not like the human body, but a robot body controlled by little people. Eddie Murphy played two roles. As the oddball, and the captain of the robot spacecraft.

There was also Ed Helms, Elizabeth Banks, Gabrielle Union, Scott Caan, and Kevin Hart. When a orb crash landed on Earth in New York, it had the power to store water in it. Three months later, another big thing crash lands on Earth in New York, but as the oddball. To the little people, their planet was in crisis. They needed salt water for their planet, so they had to find the orb. Learning about Earth, it’s technology, the humans and everything, emotions, shops and everything, they knew how Earth can be.

Retrieving the orb, and sending it to outer space, it was complete. Even if it takes, to save their ship. There were 100 little people inside the ship. When the FBI caught it, they escaped in a lifeboat which was a shoe. As they made it home safe. 99 survived, as one who was a traitor was left behind with the ship and was never seen again.

It can have funny scenes and dumb scenes. So I rate this almost 7/10 stars. Almost to that.

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