The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

An all star cast I’ve never seen before were in this. James Stewart, John Wayne, Vera Miles, Lee Marvin, and Lee Van Cleef. In this western classic. An outlaw in the west to a small town, injured a lawman very badly. The lawman after getting back on it’s feet, began to rose up as he shot the outlaw later on. He was dead, as two of his pals were sent to jail. He became a hero after that, and went on to be governor.

Before he left, and was married, a secret was told to a deputy as they kept in, in their hands. They never told no one. The lawman and his wife later on, told the whole story to newspaper men when they visited his friends funeral.

And I must say, both James Stewart and John Wayne were the two men that shot Liberty Valance. I give this western classic, 7 1/2 out of 10 stars. 

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