True Grit (John Wayne classic)

This is way better than the new version with Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon, Josh Brolin, Barry Pepper and Hailee Steinfield. It is a total classic as I give this 8/10 stars. John Wayne won an Oscar Award for his performance in this movie, after his recovery from an operation. Robert Duvall was in this as a young actor, before he became famous later on. So was Dennis Hopper in this, and Glen Campbell. And I couldn’t believe it! Such an all star cast. Based on the 1968 novel, this was all way better for this best picture. Kim Darby did a great performance too.

When an outlaw killed a father, her daughter wanted revenge. Riding with a one eyed U.S. marshal and a Texas ranger, they went out deep in the west, looking for him and his gang. They found him, as there were two great scenes, in motion picture history. The one where the daughter was pointing the revolver at the outlaw, as the one eyed U.S. Marshall did a famous conversation. Then came riding into battle, shooting at them. And John Wayne’s famous words were “Fill your hands, you son of a bitch!”

Before the conflict could end, the outlaw and the daughter fell in a rattlesnake pit as the outlaw was dead. The daughter did broke her arm. But more severe, a rattlesnake bit her! It was such a loss, for when they lost the Texas Ranger, as she had to get to a doctor. Rattlesnake venom bites can be so deadly, you’d be dead in a matter of hours. Like the king cobra that bit Cleopatra long ago, before Christ was born.

The daughter made it home safe, for when the snow fell. And her broken and bitten arm was in a sling as she was in a bad way. It was gonna take time for her arm to get better, as she thanked that eye patched U.S. marshal for everything he did.

The new version was worse than I imagined, as I saw how the quality can be. That movie, should’ve never won Oscars on for what they did. Even in the Academy Awards. Hailee Steinfield as that daughter, was like a pilgrim as she didn’t care. I hate pilgrims as she was like that. With those hair braids. Otherwise, I like to think than that gun she held, other that those bullets, after that rattlesnake bite, was how she changed after that. She was worse as that pilgrim. I suppose after that rattlesnake bite, and went on acting later and changing, was how I was way more proud of her when she was Anna in the very last Studio Ghibli movie, “When Marnie Was There”. She was that, as Kiernan Shipka was Marnie. I am way more proud of those two in that anime movie.

Jeff Bridges was not like John Wayne as he had the eye patch wrong. He was worse in that. However, he was totally hilarious in “R.I.P.D.” with Ryan Reynolds, Mary Louise Parker, James Hong, and Kevin Bacon. That, was hilarious. This classic 1969 version with John Wayne is amazing, wonderful, and how I am proud of all this. And I thank John Wayne for everything, when he had really, true grit within him.

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