Flying Leathernecks

With John Wayne in one of those WWII movies that takes place in the Pacific, this was my first movie I ever saw that show WWII in the Pacific. Against the Japanese during the Empire of the Sun, this was like “Red Tails” as they ruled the sky. To one of the Japanese pilots that did a dive-bomb on a battleship, it was the first time I ever saw and remembered the word, ‘kamikaze’. How they actually did it.

No pilot would do that, ever again. There must’ve been bombers in this, like the Lancaster bomber plane in this 50’s movie. A few I guess. This is a 7 1/2 out of 10 star movie of all the action, the adventure, and the flying to rule the sky.

And it showed me, how the Japanese did for what they did wrong on flying, in the Pacific. That is why no pilot would do a kamikaze dive-bomb again.

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