Top Hat (1935)

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were in this 6/10 star drama romantic classic movie that had ever happened in time. Even the classic dancing scene when Fred is singing and dancing with that girl, ‘cheek to cheek’. That was the name of the song. Mentioned and a bit and showing a bit of classic scenes from Turner Classic Movies, this was even seen in “The Green Mile”!!!

It must’ve been very, very sad on that ‘cheek to cheek’ dancing scene, for the old man when it reminded him of the day, John Coffey died. Executed. He was a friend to him a long time ago. Until he did had to pay the price. Even to Tom Hanks to the day he was executed. And his friends too. They were very, very sad to see him executed.

John Coffey played by Michael Clarke Duncan must’ve loved that movie, when he was watching that dancing scene. There was him, Hanks, David Morse, Barry Pepper, Harry Dean Stanton, and Jeffery DeMunn watching it. It was like angels up in heaven when he saw them dancing later on.

And since that, the execution scene and what it meant in the end of “The Green Mile”, he must’ve remembered it all before his heart attack later. He passed away recently to that. He was like a true John Coffey to me when he acting. But was shy a bit in the movie. And since then, his death, he must be in heaven right now with Fred Astaire as he is like a true angel with him. In heaven there is.

“Top Hat” was all about a top hatted dancer who loved dancing as he began to love a girl. He and his boss followed her to Italy from London, England as he and this girl began to know each other until the end. They were married later in Italy as they danced in the end. So that is why I give this, 6/10 stars. Good, but always on the romantic scenes too much to Fred Astaire.

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