The Man Who Would Be King

Sean Connery, Michael Caine and Christopher Plummer once starred in this movie

Two British veterans go into Arabia, as they try to become kings of a country somewhere close to Afghanistan. While there was that, Christopher Plummer played as Rudyard Kipling. The author wrote “The Jungle Book” before movies were made onto that.

Leading Arabian men like armies into battle against other Arabian places, they were becoming gods. Until they made a terrible mistake as they were in big trouble. One of them lost it’s head, cut off after falling off a bridge that was destroyed. 20 million miles off the bridge and into the ravine of rocks.

The survivor made it out, with the head of his friend. Cut off. As he told the whole story to Rudyard Kipling, as he believed him. By looking at the dead brownish rotten corpse head, of the man who would be king. Wearing a gold crown on it. That was why he wrote the short story later on, as it can be true.

I would throw up in a toilet right now, upchucking things I hate in the past that were very dumb and very, very gross if I saw that head again. Than just pissing in my bed as a 5 year old. Those days are over now. All that to get that out of my head, upchucking those away in the toilets, and flushing them away.

And for what I rate on this, 7/10 stars. Pretty good actually. Christopher Plummer did a grand job as Rudyard Kipling. And for the record, the 1942 live action movie of ‘The Jungle Book’ is way better than any version there is. How Sabu was when he was the wolf child. When he can understand them, for what was going on and how he can help. It was too bad he passed away before he was 40. Must’ve did great jobs on his filmography. But the 1942 classic movie of Rudyard Kipling’s “The Jungle Book” will live forever. And that means, Sabu will live forever in heaven.

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