WWI: The First Modern War (4 part TV series)

On the History Channel, there was a four part TV show that showed each category on what they did in WWI, 100 years ago. From tanks and gas, to submarines and U-Boats to zeppelins and airplanes.

I nearly watched them all except the poison gas episode. But you know everything was different in WWI. Different in a time area, dangerous, as you need to survive in all this. British tanks became armoured beasts that the Germans think they are monsters, as German U-boats destroyed many cargo ships, merchant ships as one destroyed the Lusitania. That and many ships from the USA made President Woodrow Wilson upset as America went into WWI in 1917. Zeppelins can be a bad idea to the Germans as British bi-planes took them down in a single night. They bombed London, England as they did it again. Only when the Germans used bombing airplanes. When they attacked London, England again, some of their bombs attacked two elementary schools. One destroyed when they lost three floors. And many 5-year old children were in it. 13 were injured, but 33 five year old children were killed during the bombing. Many funerals have happened in London as women must’ve cried very sadly when they lost their 5 year old children. ‘War is not a game’ for what they say. It can be real as you know it’s scary. But it was true for what did many years ago.

That explains a lot to this, as I know much of everything to poison gas. You know that can be deadly in WWI for what did. You’d be dead in matter of seconds to this. And a family nightmare if you have 5 year old kids, fussy and crazy killed during a bombing air raid. All that changed everything in that time area, as everything did when WWII began. And a new German dictator came into power since the Kaiser.

From all that to today, we would know this was a modern war as it was known for, ‘the war to end all wars’. WWI.

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