Short Circuit (1986)

When you are aware of artificial intelligence, some robots can have emotions and feelings. Especially like the ones from “A.I.- Artificial Intelligence”.

However military robots are okay for mankind. Especially like the ones from the 2014 version of “Robocop”.

Which was why I watched this, as it had Ally Sheedy from “The Breakfast Club” and “WarGames” in this movie. When a robotic company made military robots, one of them got hit by lightning as it had emotions and feelings in it. It ran away, escaped and made a friend with an animal pacifist.

The animal pacifist had so much animals. She had cats, kittens, skunks, goose, dogs, otters, and more. She wouldn’t let them go until she finds a home for them.

The robot was on everything. TV, movies, books, jokes, and everything that we humans get into. But it came to an amazing ending when it was still alive.

Really good movie. 7/10 stars for this here. But we do need to be aware of artificial intelligence. Especially for what happened in those “Terminator” and “Matrix” movies.

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