Movie fact: a super villain’s cat


In every movie we see, James Bond, Austin Powers, and the ones I rely on, a super villain can care for taking on the world. But the one thing a villain can care for the most, is that pet cat they have on their lap. Since Blofeld was a super villain as the first, he always carries that white Persian/Domestic Shorthair cat of his. All white, wearing a clear diamond necklace, as it can just sit there on him or just walk around. Probably screeching. Blofeld died later on, probably himself as he left his cat alone. So I wonder, who gets to keep him?

Dr. Evil from Austin Powers was like Blofeld as he had a cat named Mr. Bigglesworth. In the first movie, it was all white and can get upset. And it’s those words, when ‘Dr. Evil gets angry and when Mr. Bigglesworth gets upset, people DIE!!!’. However later, launching into space above the atmosphere, Mr. Bigglesworth was on the inside eye of ‘Big Boy’ as it was the last scene, Mr. Bigglesworth was gonna have it’s fur there. Having it’s arms and legs spread out, looking out the window, like it’s gonna be an ‘Uh oh’ to him. You can tell by it’s face. And it did to him, 30 years later. By reentering the Northwestern hemisphere, this cat lost all of it’s fur due to the cryogenic process. Thanks to Mustafa, played by Will Ferrell. It was hairless as it lost all of it’s fur due to that. It didn’t grew anymore fur later on, even in the two sequels. They made a clone of that hairless pet only shorter, naming it “Mini Mr. Bigglesworth”. Both hairless cats. After therefore, never seen in ‘Goldmember’, they must be presumed dead. Died of old age.

Now some super villains can be the worst of the worst with cats, but there is one, in which will have to pay for everything since the mid 90’s. Giovanni from the anime TV series of “Pokémon”. Head of all on Team Rocket, he can be an unseen character, but can be seen throughout the entire anime series of “Pokémon”. He tried to take power, steal Pokémon and Mewtwo, but lost in every battle. He will have to pay for what he had done wrong. And he is like Blofeld. Why? Because he has that cat type Pokémon, the Persian. Second evolution to Meowth.

He and his Persian will have to pay for what they have done wrong, as this entire series ends. And who gets to keep his cat? I do! The way you look at it, it’s way better than any cat a super villain can have.

However, like Dr. Evil, a hairless cat did went rogue and had a white mouse as it’s pet. Like Blofeld, Kitty Galore played by Bette Midler was exactly like him only wanting revenge, in “Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore”. Such an all star cast, like some of the James Bond movies related to them and a sequel to “Cats and Dogs”, this was a kids version of the James Bond movies. The worst part for her, was that magician played by Jack McBrayer. She lost it all, when victory was won.

To look at a villains cat, it does have to be taken care of, as long as they don’t become hairless. Like for what happened to Mr. Bigglesworth and Kitty Galore. So I protest, that we should create cats, that will shed it’s fur or lose it’s fur. Like what people get on allergies on cat hair, this we should have in the future, will not give away fur even if they leave that on your couch. Or if they lose hair by toxic chemicals, they should never get that and have it’s fur cleaned. Becoming indestructible, toxic proof and safe for animals like these.

Would you ever think of that, than taking Blofeld’s cat to the pound, and taking it’s diamond necklace, to be rich for money?

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