Charles Gray (1928-2000)

This British actor who passed away three months after Y2K in 2000, was clever and a genius as he was the Criminologist in “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, as he was in three songs, as he was in two of the James Bond movies. A friend in Japan in “You Only Live Twice” as he was the sinister archenemy Blofeld in “Diamonds Are Forever”.

I didn’t knew he was a friend in “You Only Live Twice” to Bond in that movie. But he was crazy when he was Blofeld in that diamond movie. He must’ve met Donald Pleasance as the first Blofeld when they were filming “You Only Live Twice” in Japan. Wow!

He was in other movies such as “The Beast Must Die” as a diplomat. That I saw on TV once.

In his role as Blofeld in “Diamonds Are Forever”, he and all of his crew were gonna fool Bond with masking. Duplicates of him as they are only his crew members, wearing plastic masks that look like him. So Bond won’t know which is the real Blofeld. To his plan, he was gonna steal diamonds, build a giant laser orbiting the Earth, as they would fall into the hands of him.

And one thing Blofeld still loves, is his white cat. In the end, while escaping on a mini sub pod, James Bond killed him for sure. And that’s the death of Blofeld I am ever gonna see. Even if he died with his precious white cat. As of Bond said to him…

“Welcome to hell Blofeld”

And his white cat would screech while wearing a diamond necklace. He died in March, 2000 due to cancer. He was 71 years old before he was 72. He sure must’ve had a big life as an actor. But I am sure Blofeld burns in hell. And who will get to keep his cat?

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