Time travel, dangerous!

Throughout many movies in many years, time travel has been said that its dangerous when you travel. When you are sent back in time as things can change in the future on the timeline. Just like “Terminator”, “Doctor Who”, “Looper”, “Free Birds” and many other movies in time travel. TV too. When something does happen to you, you could turn time and space inside out.

You’d be like lost forever when you disappear. It’ll be crazy somehow, if you ran into your future self. You’d be in shock or how you should never met your old self. That was why in “Back to the Future”, Jennifer had a big surprise that made me laugh when she saw her old self. But not “Looper”. That was awkward. Old Biff in “Back to the Future” met his younger self and didn’t mind. After giving him the almanac, and coming back, he was erased as he knew it was a bad idea.

In some movies that happened in space, time in space can happen out there. “Interstellar” for example, when those astronauts went into light speed, like a black time warp hole, they went many years into space as everything on Earth changed.

Also, you don’t want deja vu for what they call. A ‘Cardcaptors’ episode, “Groundhog Day”, a Ruby Gloom episode and “Edge of Tomorrow” can be way worse to be in a time loop. You’d be winding up the same day over and over, until you get it right. That happened to Sakura, Ruby Gloom, and Bill Murray. Tom Cruise in “Edge of Tomorrow” was covered in black alien blood in which he was winding up the same time, over and over whenever he dies in battle. The same went for that anime show, “Cardcaptors” like both only a power card was controlling time.

When you look into time and space, you don’t want to be in an alternate universe in your time. For example, director Tim Burton made a bad ending to “Planet of the Apes” as he should’ve made a sequel. Mark Whalberg as an astronaut went through a wormhole as he was sent many years into time. When he went through the wormhole again, and went back to Earth, all the people on Earth were apes. And I really hate Tim Roth that bitch. (Forgive my foul language)

Like that, the original “Planet of the Apes” showed how after the astronauts left the Earth, the Earth was changing quickly since they left it. You can tell by the clocks they had in the opening scene and when you look out there. Time bends and space is boneless. And in the end, there was an atomic war as the Earth was destroyed. In a reboot, the humans were like indian cavemen as the apes were intelligent. And Charlton Heston said those words when he looked at the ruined Statue of Liberty.

James Franciscus learned that too in the sequel when he was in the sequel, looking for Charlton Heston. “Beneath the Planet of the Apes”. And I don’t want to say no more of those movies, because you would learn about that when you see them.

In some movies on tine travel, based on the book by Mark Twain, “A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court”, some people can get spirited away in time to the medieval ages as you would need to get back. Bruce Campbell in “Army of Darkness” made it back as he faced that. Same with Martin Lawrence in “Black Knight”. And a Spongebob episode too that occurred to them characters. “Samurai Jack” was like that, only going into the future but never made it back to his own time in the past.

In conclusion, that can be all dangerous. Time and space. Even when two legendary Pokémon control can control that to make things better. Dialga and Palkia.

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