Robots on caterpillar tracks

When you look at robots like the one from “Short Circuit”, “Terminator” and “Wall-E”, there is one thing that made me think about the one thing machines can have in movies. Caterpillar tracks. Not like tanks maybe, some robots can have caterpillar tracks to move around. Especially when they go into battle.

For example, the one from “Short Circuit” was mobilized as it was born to have that stuff. Wall-E was worse as it couldn’t last that long. It would need new ones that are better.

However, the hunter killer tanks in “Terminator” are way different. Since they are cyborgs, they are like tanks as they go at night, killing humans and blasting them. They even come in different types. Ones that have four arms with multiple guns, ones that have two guns, one for each side, as there are ones that have two guns on each arm. On their caterpillar tracks, they have like four. Four caterpillar tracks, depending on the terrain they go. Even when they go around, in Los Angeles in the year of 2029 AD, crushing skulls of dead innocent lives forgotten to pieces since they died.

“While we’ve aged tidily at all. Heh, maybe so”, Charlton Heston, in the classic movie of “Planet of the Apes”.

It’s cool when they have caterpillar tracks, just as long as they don’t wear out. Even while going too fast. Or if you destroy them. To the hunter killer tanks in “Terminator”, you would kill them by giving them a charge mine underneath them when they are moving, without seeing you. They blow up completely, killing them.

To tanks like the ones in WWI and WWII, not robots, some robots can face hard terrain such as thick mud on big incline hills. They can get stuck, totally damaged, or get blown by a mortar shell in sight onto them from the air after fired by a cannon. And they won’t go, if one hits a mine and loses its caterpillar tracks. But can be killed completely if it’s a big land mine. Since those movies came out, you can play with their merchandise like a wooden toy tractor.

Johnny5_03 6321613_2_l

This model hunter killer from ‘Terminator’ and the “Short Circuit” robot show a the difference to their caterpillar tracks. Some big, some small, as the gigantic ones can go through everything. Especially the hunter killer tanks.

I’m not sure of any others, but these are the only things I can find to robots on caterpillar tracks. Cyborgs are way bigger than that. And if you ever love ‘Terminator’ still, these are the only things on merchandise. These are the hunter killer tanks in Minimates. I had one of these. Until when there was junk to sell for money, I had to sell my all my Minimates stuff. And now I’m gonna collect them back no matter what happens as a collector to me.

8387974725_10b3d6c856_m 519VHHfMIvL__SX355_

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