Never ever trust the technology in this world today!!!

Since old fashioned machines like the one in “The Imitation Game”, “Terminator”, “Robocop”, Steve Jobs on Apple, computers, the Internet, YouTube and everything that people are into, never trust technology there is today. For what I saw in “Terminator Genisys”, people are obsessed on stuff like Genisys like if it’s Apple technology. But it was a part of Skynet that was gonna unleash hell on Judgement Day.

And some people are obsessed on making TV commercials today, like if they repeat that stuff over and over. We even see that in movie theatres.

One company did made good commercials. Only for a while. The same company that made those home videos on “Lots and Lots of Trains”. Some are good today, but not so good if they repeat that stuff over and over.

Although you should trust Bell Canada TV on other TV channels you want to see, like Rogers. You’d just got to deal with that type of TV technology. Trusting that type or not.

You would have to be sure also, to use new types of technology when you’ve never used them before. Like electric stoves than heating stoves. Very old people have trouble with that all the time in the future. And other types of technology.

Some of that stuff, can make old people comfortable a bit, but we prefer to be old timers. But in the future today, as young ones, we wouldn’t be too obsessed on today’s technology. Kids and we today should prefer the old days. In conclusion, directors Hayao Miyazaki and Stanley Kubrick are very good old timers like me. So if you think today’s future technology is great, think again.

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