Rock Around the Clock (actual movie) 

Bill Haley and his Comets starred as their actual themselves on their 1956 movie based on one of their songs. 

Also starring Alan Freed, Johnny Johnston, The Platters, Freddie Bell and his Bellboys, Alix Talton, and Tony Martiniz and his band, this is a 10/10 star classical musical movie better than before. 

When there were less musical bands, there was one manager who made Bill Haley and his Comets famous. Singing good songs on rock and roll, everyone started to love those guys. And they just love listening to the beat. 

They haven’t had one problem, as the manager was falling in love with a 21 year old girl dancer. It made a terrific end as they all danced to the song, ‘Rock Around the Clock’ by Bill Haley and his Comets. 

I show you this music video for how they did throughout the movie. And you’d be rocking around the clock tower on the time, tonight! I sure rate this 10/10 stars. In fact, classics are way better than the entertainment there is today!!! 

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