Dracula Untold

Before Bram Strokers book took place for where it began, this told the story of how Dracula became. Once a lord in Transylvania didn’t had enough men that could go to war, needed something more. He went into the dark mountains where he met vampire lord as he sold his soul. Drinking dark vampire blood, he was becoming one.

Hating silver, crosses and sunlight, becoming bats at night and controlling them, he gained super speed as he grew fangs on his teeth. That way he keeps himself alive by drinking the blood of his victims.

Since sunlight and silver were his weaknesses, there was also placing wooden stakes in the hearts. He had an army of darkness once when he gave his vampire blood to them. It was his vampire army as they all died when the sun rose from the clouds.

And from that day forward, Vlad Dracula became known as Count Dracula. He was played by Luke Evans. There was also an enemy played by Dominic Cooper, and the vampire lord played by Charles Dance. On the other side, this is a ‘B+’ movie.

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