Top 10 vampire hunters in movies

From the 1930’s to ‘Twilight’, vampires can be the most awkward disgusting bloodsuckers to have ever walked the earth. Even for what you see in stories and movies. And I give the top pick on the vampire killers. Some of them have mostly killed Count Dracula, while others killed other count vampires than run amok. Like Rutger Hauer and Rufus Sewell. Especially Blacula. Here I give a countdown.

10. Merrick (Donald Sutherland)

9. Two detectives (Roddy McDowell and William Ragsdale)

8. Two cops (from ‘Blacula’)

7. Morgan (Vincent Price)

6. Sam and Mike (Corey Haim and Corey Feldman)

5. Blade (Wesley Snipes)

4. Robert Neville (Charlton Heston and Will Smith)

3. Arthur Holmwood (Cary Elwes)

2. Van Helsing (Peter Cushing, Anthony Hopkins and Edward Van Sloan)

But who’s the number 1 vampire hunter like Van Helsing but way better?

1. Abraham Lincoln (Benjamin Walker)!!!!

The very first as he’s also, 16th President of the USA. Along with Henry Sturges, Will Johnson, Joshua Speed and his wife Mary Todd Lincoln. Even the entire American Union Army with enough silver to kill Confederate vampire soldiers to wipe them out. Always go with a second idea plan.

Other vampire hunters like Hugh Jackman? I don’t think so. Mel Brooks? Maybe. He can be correct on translations and sunlight that vampires hate. But he can be frightened and a bit dumb. Buffy? No way!!

So the next time a vampire runs amok upon this Earth again, some of them who are still alive will be waiting.

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