Soylent Green

When you see poor people, homeless, jobless, dirty, sad, as some can be living in the streets, as some can live in homes, it’s always important to help them. Even at Christmas time as always, it’s that time of giving. Giving them hope, lots of food, lots of drinks, happiness, sharing, caring, and lots of those as they need everything to survive. Maybe start a new life.

That was when this movie came out in the 70’s as it was based on a novel. Charlton Heston stars as detective in this movie.

In 2022, New York City and other major cities in the US have been overworked on business so much, they couldn’t stop. Many people came coming in, as the city grew bigger and bigger. Much of everything that has happened. Pollution, overpopulation, greenhouse effect and dying oceans have been going on. Wildlife was lost, good food was hard to find, as some materials people need are hard to find.

In New York, 40 million people are living in hell as some are with jobs, as mostly people were jobless. Even ones that are living in the streets have families. They have been living everywhere.
They thought of leaving New York City to the countryside, but there were pollution problems outside the city, oceans too, as they can’t get to the countryside. Major cities are their homes.

Charlton Heston as a detective was on a case. When a businessman was murdered, he searches everywhere on proof as he finds out about the secret ingredient to this food they were making. Soylent Green.

Following a garbage trucks, at a factory, dead bodies were there as they were being turned into soylent green! In the end, when the truth was told throughout New York, his last words were that ended the movie…

“Soylent Green is people!!!”

After an important lesson in this, I give this 10/10 stars.

We should always help poor people, unemployed, sick, very sad, as they need compassion. Even at Christmas when they need hope. We don’t eat people, poor or wealthy. Or turn them into food. That’s cannibalism. So if you’re thinking of not going somewhere on Christmas vacation down south, because of the rates of expensiveness, and you don’t have much money for that, that’s okay. And thats a very good thing.

Helping people at Christmas time, in your own town in the winter, spring, summer and fall, is a very good thing. Because they need hope, compassion, happiness, sharing, caring, lots of food and drinks, and lots of that. And it even helps children homeless, and who don’t have parents. Or some who lost parents. Especially people who are unemployed, and are using unemployment insurance. We don’t do cannibalism on that! Even for major cities, who don’t go out of control on business. That was lead into this movie.

And the countryside, is what people can care for when they need fresh air. And how nature can sure show everything, on it’s animals and colors. That, is how we should always do. Help poor people, even at Christmas, not let a city go wild on business, and how the countrysides, can sure show it’s true nature.

I learned all this, thanks to this hit Charlton Heston movie, with 10/10 stars. And of course, a book and a really good cartoon TV show once. “Country Mouse and City Mouse”. That has 10/10 stars too!

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