Get Hard

Will Ferrell learns a lesson in business and life as he was going to prison. As a famous buisnessman, he is glad for his job, fame, fortune and engagement. He was very happy as all the people were mad at him because for what he had done to people’s jobs and money. He was caught by the FBI as he had a month to kill before going to prison. 

With the help of a cleaner played by Kevin Hart, he gets himself prepared for what prison life can be. Kevin Hart won an award in the MTV Movie Awards as he did a great job in his acting career. 

And when your in prison, it’s a hard knock life in there. How you are tough, and how you face your lessons. And when you go to prison, there is what you are inside than you are outside. 

Like the book and the final Studio Ghibli movie, “When Marnie Was There”, there is the invisible magic circle. Inside and outside. And most people on the outside world get prepared for prison as its your inside world you face. 

There have been many African Americans tough as we all need to know, those people need second chances, as well as we never say the ‘n’ word to African Americans. Never say that! 

This is a 9 1/2 out of a 10 star movie as its really good! 

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