Top 10 on pandas in entertainment

Since there was “Kung Fu Panda” and “Kung Fu Panda 2”, now comes “Kung Fu Panda 3”. Along with Jack Black as Po, there is Bryan Cranston as his real father, and Rebel Wilson as a female panda who promised to marry him. But there were others.

And I took a short trip down memory lane as I found the top picks on pandas that had ever hit movies and TV shows.

1. Toby and all pandas of Pandasia in the anime TV show of “Pandalian”. This happened on YTV as I saw this with my own eyes. And on YouTube too. There are 26 episodes of that in one season to that entire adventure. And I hate YTV for how they cancelled that show. I wish it would return along with others I love.

2. Panda, a hamster from “Hamtaro”. As an anime hamster, he is like a panda with black and white fur as he’s clever in woodworking. And a good friend to the hamsters including Hamtaro. His owner is Mimi. And I saw this show on YTV once as I loved that panda. I really want this to return.

3. A baby panda in ‘Panda-moniumm in “Sagwa: The Chinese Siamese Cat” as it needed help looking for its mother. Sagwa, Dongwa, and Sheegwa found her as they did a grand job. This is one of the TV shows that must return to TV again.

4. Three Pokémon pandas known as Panchams that I saw in the “Pokémon: XY Series”. There were two as twins that played tricks on Ash and his friends in the Kalos region as one more came and ruined a Pokémon showcase. After stealing Ash’s hat and Clemonts glasses, it wanted to look cool. So Serena gave it sunglasses and captured that panda. As her second Pokémon catched.

5. Master Panda in “Skunk Fu”. He was a friend to a dragon in martial arts until everything all changed. The dragon went rogue as the panda master assembled many types of animals to do kung fu. That was when he had a skunk as a trusted one. It was on YTV, but I’m sure he did a grand job.

6. A panda in “Panda Day Care”. A live action puppet TV show in 2001 when it was on YTV. I saw this when I was little. With my own eyes. About he and some kids go on adventures, outdoors and indoors when they imagine. I liked him when he was a rock star, and dressed up as Godzilla.

7. Two anime pandas. in “The Panda’s Great Adventure”. One male and one female. A 1973 anime movie by Toei Animation about how the male one must be where he belongs as he rescues the female panda. Like if they are boyfriend and girlfriend. And they are. You can tell by the way she’s kissing.

8. A real panda in the Warner Bros family adventure movie, “The Amazing Panda Adventure”. How a boy in China visits his father, researching on pandas as he befriends one. Later, the panda was reunited with its parents. This was my first movie I ever saw Stephen Lang in it. Before I saw him later in “Avatar” and the remake of “Conan the Barbarian”. He’s a good actor absolutely. Even as a colonel when James Cameron hired him.

9. Lego Panda guy. From “The Lego Movie”, there was a Lego figure wearing a panda outfit as he was having a panda toy with it. It was one of the Lego master builders as this, and other Lego master builders were able to save all Lego. Pretty neat actually.

10. Handy Pandy. From the 1991 animated direct to video movie, by Universal Home Videos, “The Little Engine That Could” in 1991. He was one of the stuffed toys that was alive. He was trying to help as their train engine broke down. He was glad when he met the little blue engine, that could. Tillie and his bird friend, Chip. He enjoyed singing along the way when he saved an elephant from falling off a bridge when it collapsed. He pulled him aboard, as the last railcar fell. He even tried to get him and himself inside the railcar. But he was okay after that when he made it.

So these are the best ones that they ever show on pandas as some of these movies and TV shows must make a return to make fans be happy again. Those must return than the media entertainment there is today. And I am proud of all pandas there is, as I’m sure Toby Panda is proud of all pandas. Even to Sagwa, Dongwa and Sheegwa. All are good in this on pandas.

Pandas are the best in anime and in some animation. Even live ones from movies.




Panda_Man   handy panda


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