David Carradine’s truth about superheroes

Before David Carradine died in 2009, he did tell a good truth about superheroes for the way they are and how they do. Especially the costume. This was told in “Kill Bill” as he made a great speech.

Movies on superheroes like Marvel and DC Comics, they show how they are and what were their origins. Even to the costume. In mythology, there is the superhero and the alter ego.

When you look at Batman and Spider Man, there is Bruce Wayne and Peter Parker. For Peter Parker for example, he’s Peter. He wakes up to be him, as he is him. When he puts on a costume, he’s still the same. But that is his alter ego when he’s Spider Man. The same goes for Batman.

For Superman, he’s the same, but different. He wakes up as Superman, as he is him. With the symbol on him, he was born with that as he was sent to Earth where the Kents raised him. That was when he became his alter ego to look human. A news reporter. Clark Kent. Wearing the outfit, glasses, make him look weak and a bit normal as he was disguising himself.

The same goes for the rest, like Superman or like Spider Man. Born with powers or got their powers after a tragic accident. Like how the Flash got his powers by a chemical spill, Daredevil who got hazardous materials on his eyes as a boy, as he trained hard like Batman, the Fantastic Four that got cosmic radiation through space, how Peter Parker became Spider Man after getting bitten by a radioactive spider, or any of those heroes and villains.

Wonder Woman was born with powers when she was raised in her home as she was like Superman. And as the same, she becomes human when she disguises herself as her alter ego would be safe.

For heroes like Green Lantern, and the Guardians of the Galaxy, they have chosen to become heroes. Like when Hal Jordan was chosen to become a Green Lantern when a dying alien gave him the ring, and how Peter Quill was abducted by aliens as a boy. That was when years later, meeting with four members, they became who they are and what their purpose was.

For villains, learning about secrets, weaknesses, some get into accidents as some are born to be villains. Like how Lex Luthor wanted to learn secrets of Superman as he became sinister, as well as Jack Napier when he got into an accident and became the Joker.

Although heroes like these, Watchmen or any of those superheroes from kids cartoons, they all can must come to an end. Like how Superman died after defeating Doomsday, and Bruce Wayne who finally gave up being Batman when he got his revenge and got the villains in Gotham City for example.

For their comics and mixed up stories, TV shows and movies, they can be anywhere. Not a profit.

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