Hamburger Hill

Don Cheadle was the only actor I knew in this Vietnam War movie before he became ‘War Machine’ in the “Iron Man” movies. He was good, but this is a 7/10 star Vietnam War movie I really tried as it was good. Like the classic Vietnam War movies, this was really good. 

During the Vietnam War, dualities of man to Americans were faced to the challenged one when they were plunged into survival. The mission was to take on a big hill and forclaim it. By taking out many of the Viet Cong. It took days when it did in this actual true event. Don Cheadle was one of the surviving soldiers after they’ve won. Others were betrayed accidentally by helicopter gunners. They had a hell of a battle, and how it can be the worst. 

And the last words were, written on a piece of paper and stick to the pole by a knife were, “Welcome to Hamburger Hill”. I can almost think that those were young Sean Connery’s words. 

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