Like “Stand By Me” only different, four naughty boys who worked at church everyday in Hell’s Kitchen in NY, got into big trouble when they accidentally murdered someone with a hot dog cart. The old man that got hit died, as the boys were sent to 18 months in a prison school upstate.

For 18 months, they were beaten up by security guards including one that was the leader played by Kevin Bacon. They were very sad for when they did in life that was wrong as they faced that. By the next days. And after one more brutal beating in spring of 1968 by that security guard leader, before leaving, 28 years passed by.

As one was a regular man, and the other a district attorney, two of those boys became hit men as they killed him later. They found and shot him in a restaurant. Before going to prison, they have to let them out until they did when it was their last time together. The two died in end, as the other two moved on after that.

This is a 6 1/2 plus a 49 percent chance out of 10 stars in this movie. It is good, but never be hit men in your life. In this were Brad Pitt, Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman and Billy Crudup. Great cast. And Kevin Bacon we all know of.

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