Christopher Lee (1922-2015)

He was the man with the golden gun, Count Dracula, the sinister Count Dooku in “Star Wars” until his death in the third installment, and the crazy villain father in the 1982 animated movie of “The Last Unicorn”. He was with Peter Cushing in many movies, mystery, monster and horror movies as Peter was known for Gov. Tarkin in “Star Wars”. The fourth one. 

Both he and Cushing were in Star Wars. Until, he passed away at age 93. He had a long life in his movie acting career, until he died of a heart failure. Sent to the hospital days ago, with lung problems and that, he died because of those Even when they celebrated his 93rd birthday. Besides, he was old like Vincent Price as he passed away. But I am sure he is with him, and Peter Cushing in heaven. 

And since he now rests in peace, people can be wondering, ‘what Hollywood legend will kick the bucket be the next of all?’. 

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