America’s Ninja Warrior and martial arts

“America’s Ninja Warrior”. An American live action game TV show. To show how one can compete an obstacle course. They must be very strong, and very quick, or its game over. That was how strong and quick people had to face when they are contestants. They talk about how they are, how they do, and work out so much, before they go on the course.

I do feel sorry for the ones that failed, but some that made it. It’s like all your might and speed against the clock. To see how you really do when you are like a ninja.

However, when you are like a ninja, to show all your strength, speed and skills, it takes all on everything, in martial arts. Like “The Karate Kid”, “Samurai Jack”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “Beverly Hills Ninja” and “Kung Fu Panda”, it talks all on martial arts when you do good.

You even have to be athletic, flexible, and stay in stealth.

When you train, learning from a book can be one good source somehow.


Master Splinter learned that from the ways of his old master as he learned also from a book.

However, doing it the good way is one thing. It can take time when its a bit of your life to do it. Like the TV show of “Avatar: the Last Airbender”, it can take a very long time. 

Such as….

Wax on, Wax off…

Paint the fence, up and down…


Side to side, and sand the floor…

Sit ups and some running…

Staying away from red hot coals



Following a master…


Most difficult push-ups…

Sword fighting…

Nun chucks and dagger fighting…

Horse riding…


Stick pole fighting…


Reading words and languages…like signs for what they mean

Using the big hammer and whip whacking to pull...

Showing and using your strength on how hard and tough you are…



Rock climbing and surviving in storms…even across the sea…

Axe throwing and knife throwing…


Spear throwing…

Karate moves and skills…

Some regular exercise like swimming or some sort, master the mind of the body, and finding inner peace.


It takes a long time to learn the ways of martial arts when you want to be a really good warrior. Like “America’s Ninja Warrior”. When you’re full fledged, the only problem can be…

Never let your enemy escape.


Even if he’s someone you know of.

Laura (Hamtaro): “Oh my god! You’re-!”


Ryan O’Neal: “Wait? Do I remind you of someone?”

Laura (Hamtaro): “Oh. It’s you Mr. O’Neal. We thought you were someone else”

Hamtaro (in his head): “Wait? What’s he doing here?!”

Laura’s mom: “I was out shopping when Ryan O’Neal here gave me a hand”

Laura: “That’s great! But why?”

Ryan O’Neal: “I was in an interview on ‘Barry Lyndon’ when I saw your mother having a bit of trouble outside”.

Laura: “Well that’s nice”



Laura (Hamtaro): “It’s alright Hamtaro. I think we may want to take a break from that”

Hamtaro (talking in his head): “Sounds good to me”

So remember, martial arts can take a long time in your life. If you are like Samurai Jack or any of the other cartoons that did martial arts. 

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