Movies on the Alcatraz prison

Criminals like Al Capone, Mickey Cohen, Ellsworth Johnson, Clarence Carnes, Baby Face, Machine Gun Kelly, John Dillenger, Bonnie and Clyde, Allen West, Joe Bowers, Robert Stroud, James Bulger, Charles Luciano, Alvin Karpis, Robert Schibline, Frank Lee Morris, John and Clarence Anglin have been in media to the one place, they called, “The Rock”.

Alcatraz Prison has been there, on that island since famous criminals went there, as some were transferred when then came the 1962 escape. Al Capone was there first until he died instantly on the rock later on. He was stabbed by a felon inmate. Then came Robert Stroud in the 40’s when then came the battle of Alcatraz in 1946. He avoided heavy fire as the guards and military fought hard on the inmates when they took control. Went on for three days as it was over. Two guards and three inmates were dead as 13 were wounded and injured. Then came Mickey Cohen, for what he did thanks to the movie, “Gangster Squad”. Cohen and Stroud were there for a long time in the 40’s until they were transferred to new prisons. They died later on.

There were a few escape attempts but were fails. In 1936, Joe Bowers tried to get to the prison edge but shot shot by a tower guard. In 1938, three felons built a boat so they can head to the shoreline. After assaulting a guard, they were on the rooftops when spotted by guards. Two are shot, one is killed. In 1943 finally, 4 men climbed out the window, watching out for barbed wire as they swim on the waters. They were seen as one felon dies. The others drowned. Bodies were found.

Then came Frank Lee Morris, John and Clarence Anglin. To the day when the escape happened. In the 60’s, “The Rock” was getting old. Some of the walls were old as they had one choice but to escape through the vents. They made it out, as they swam on a raft, but they were never seen again.

It was all over the news in the history of the Alcatraz prison as many of these events happened in movies and TV shows. Ones like “Escape from Alcatraz”. For some reason, on that day, they were missing. Like if they were spirited away. That was when the warden went bankrupt and went in sober when this did. As the inmates were transferred to other prisons.

Because a massive search was conducted for Frank Lee Morris, John and Clarence Anglin. The government have tried to found them, but they never did. All that to the warden going bankrupted, sober and the prisoners there transferred to new ones far away in the USA…

Alcatraz was closed and shut down in less than a year later. The evidence such as dummy heads they made, were taken to museums for this event in history. Alcatraz today is now abandoned as tourists check it out today. You can even see for yourself when your in San Francisco.

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