Bird man of Alcatraz

Nominated four times in the Academy Awards for Best Leading Actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Actress in a Supporting Role and Best Cinematography Black and White, this was a classic.  Based on a true person that has ever lived in Alcatraz and the book by Thomas E. Gladdis, Burt Lancaster was Robert Stroud. Or a.k.a, the bird man of Alcatraz.  Robert Stroud was tough and mean as he became intelligent and smart as he studied on birds. He took care of birds when they are almost wiped out by storms.

Throughout his years, he had been studying them, their diseases, as he’d been keeping a lot. He was in a prison for a few years until he was transferred to Alcatraz. When the riot happened, he was there for a few years as he went to a new prison before his death. He met the author as he wrote the entire story about him.

For as far as I’m concerned, this is a 6 1/2 out of a 10 star movie.

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