When Marnie Was There- 10/10 stars!!

I saw this, at the Toronto International Film Festival. (TIFF) Downtown Toronto. The same place where I went to the Stanley Kubrick exhibition during the Christmas holidays. Last year.

It was, a hit great masterpiece!! 10/10 stars. Based on the book by Joan G. Robinson. They say in this world, like in the movie, there is an invisible magic circle. An inside, and an outside.

Young Anna was on the outside. Sent from her foster home to the countryside, she believes in what she sees. However, when there was a mansion up ahead, she befriends a blonde girl named Marnie.

Similar to the book, Anna and Marnie became great friends. And how they relate each other in life. A secret was told between these two as it was a great ending, that I give this movie, 10/10 stars!! “A+++”. And it’s song too, by Priscilla Ahn, “Fine on the Outside”.

This movie, and it’s song have got to win in the Academy Awards for Oscars!!! Even for Best Animated Feature of the Year. Song too. Better than any animation, we should give Studio Ghibli a chance, to let this movie win. To make Studio Ghibli, anime in Japan and North America, popular again and equal. Even giving them a second chance.

So let’s this be a hit masterpiece, it’s song too. For I give this 10/10 stars and a “A+++”. 🙂

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