Shooters in movies

“American Sniper”, directed by Clint Eastwood was a drag for what happened in the end, to the day Chris Kyle was killed. Terrible. Clint is old, but he’ll be dead soon, that he’ll surprise us all.

But it does take me back to the days when shooters in movies, go up how near or far they shoot. Two US presidents died in this.

1. John Wilkes Booth- 1 inch, to the day when Lincoln and his wife were at Fords theatre. He was an inch away from his pistol to Lincoln’s head, as he fired a pistol at the back of his head. Lincoln died later back home, but John was arrested later, but got shot when he was found.

2. Charles Whitman- 400 yards. Mentioned in Stanley Kubrick’s movie, “Full Metal Jacket”, he was a ex-marine who was up on a University tower in Austin, Texas and shot many men. He killed 16 men from 28 stories high. 33 injured too. All that from the Observation Tower of the University of Texas.

3. Lee Harvey Oswald- 250ft. In many movies, we all know that he was an ex-marine, but he surely shot President Kennedy on that day. He was 250ft as he was shooting at a moving target. From that book depository building. Oswald shot out 3 rounds with an old Italian bolt action rifle in only 6 seconds. And scored two hits, including a bloody headshot. Mentioned in Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket” as R. Lee Ermy told his marines everything.

4. Jack Ruby- 4 inches. After the day JFK died, and Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested, Jack Ruby was cross about this. So cross, he shot him the day he was going to jail. As a photographer scored himself by taking a photo of Jack shooting at Lee. 4 inches he shot Lee as he was arrested later until his death after that. Died of lung cancer.

5. Chris Kyle- 1000 yards. He was 1000 yards shooting at an Arabian sniper in Iraq during the Iraq war as no one could shoot that far. But he did break that record. He had to kill that Arabian sniper, for he was the worst. And scored himself a headshot when he gotta this guy.

Charles Whitman, Lee Harvey Oswald, and Chris Kyle were US marines. Two were assassins as Kyle was America’s sniper man. That can show how motivated marines and shooters can do.

And before any recruit…

…like Arliss Howard…

…Peter Edmund…

…Matthew Modine…

…and since R. Lee Ermy, they will all be able to do the same thing.


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