Michael Cera in “The Ripping Friends”

I couldn’t believe how young Canadian actor, Michael Cera was in the hit TV show on Teletoon, “The Ripping Friends”.

In one episode he did, he was the wimpy sidekick, Boy-Boy with a wanna-be superhero guy named Man-Man as he wanted him to fight all crime there is. He’d got himself killed in every mission there is, until he was free at last and wanted to be normal.

We’d be careful in life, when we wanna be, in which we wanna be. Even in jobs. Like a pizza delivery guy, a phone operator, or any of those things we see in the yellow pages books. That’s for what the lesson was about, as he learned that.

And from that moment forward, he became a good actor. In Hollywood. From being a wimpy cartoon kid to a funny drunkard, he will do what he can for the next cartoon there is.




After… (Him drunked in “This is the End”)


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