Winged Shoes, cool!

Since I watched the anime TV show “Cardcaptors”, and the movie “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief”, there was one thing they shared that were the same thing. Winged shoes that can make you fly or jump farther. In stories or mythology, or some sort of reason, winged shoes were used to make you fly or jump farther. They have wings on shoes as you’d be flying or jumping in a few seconds. There is that, or make you jump farther. In the anime TV show, “Cardcaptors”, Clow Reed on creating those powers, and the Clow book on those Clow Cards, “The Jump” card was able to make Sakura jump farther. Not like flying, but she can jump farther and faster. She used it in some of the episodes, when she would get the chance on capturing escaped Clow cards. Pretty cool as always. Then came Luke played by Jake Abel, in “The Lightning Thief”. He used two pairs of those as he was reviling himself to be the lightning thief. He gave a pair to Percy Jackson played by Logan Lerman, as they battled close to the Empire State Building. The building pathway to Mt. Olympus. They were pretty good. So between these different pairs, winged shoes are cool for flying or jumping.



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