Jeremy Wade (River Monsters) against mermaids and sirens

Thanks to Jeremy Wade, the host and catcher of “River Monsters”, had almost tried to catch a siren or a mermaid in freshwaters of South America.

In media, folklore, mythology and legends, mermaids and sirens have been deadly creatures people have been telling about at sea. Even men who are out at sea too long, dream about those as they can be deadly. So deadly, they can pull you in, but you’ll never return.

So if you think of those fantasy stories, movies and all that on mermaids, or sirens, don’t fall into their power. They can be so deadly, you’ll never return to the surface.

Thanks to “Ice Age: Continental Drift” and a episode from an old show I know of, sirens a can be like that. They can have illusions you know of, powerful singing and how you can be taken alive by them.

You’d be in ‘deep trouble’ by those mythical creatures. If they ever exist today in seawaters or fresh waters. Jeremy Wade did a good job finding those, if they are ever the world’s deadliest river water or sea water mermaids and sirens.

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