Jack Black and the NeverEnding Story

Jack Black was a good actor, even when he started back then. He did made a cameo in “Demolition Man” but never I have seen him in as his first time being a villain. It was his first time being a super villain when he was in “The NeverEnding Story III: Escape from Fantasia”. He was defeated later, for what I know of in that movie, but I never want to know too much about this.

But what was this, ‘NeverEnding Story’? Well, like all good series, and TV shows that must come to an end, this one began as it was a children’s dramatic but fantastic series for them. Based on the book by Michael Ende, there were three movies. And one animated TV series. I watched that when I was little. Whenever I watch the cartoon show of “Inspector Gadget” and the live TV show of “Popular Mechanics for Kids”, there was there. That animated TV show.

After that show was cancelled, I moved on as I found out about this while in Grade 6 as I watched the second movie in Grade 7. “The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter”. And later, the first movie that began.

Both were pretty good, as I do not wanna know for what happened in the third movie. This is how it, ‘might’ve happened’ in film history, that might’ve been known, as a popular movie.

1984. Film in West Germany as it was a smash hit by Warner Bros. Based on the only book by Michael Ende. About a boy, tormented, and not okay in life, spent the entire day in an attic in school ditching as he was reading a book, he took from a nearby library. A mythical land called Fantasia, like a movie or some sort, were everyone was all what’s left as a warrior was faced to find an invisible being thing that can take things away. To destroy everything once and for all.

The sad part, was how he lost his horse in a muddy swamp as it drowned. After that, he was okay and dirty as he was in the wind of a sneezing giant tortoise as it kept on sneezing. He almost drowned and killed by a werewolf, when a flying friend came along. They worked together, meeting allies, as they try to face the enemy. The warrior killed the werewolf, as he returned. When he realized he failed, he returned before the world was ended as he met an empress. But what she really wanted, was the boy reading the story. This illustrated character cared for the boy in the real world, as they made things right to restore everything. All was back to normal, as everyone in Fantasia was okay this was all over. Even the warrior boy who was reunited with his horse.

The movie did ended with him, riding on a old friend as he scared some three boys in the real world. Wow. That friend was a dog like white dragon called a luck dragon as his name was Falkor. Did made a funny laugh and scene in the end. It was better than “The Butler” when it was on TV. Both YTV and Teletoon Retro when they shared. I showed my young cousins this, as they were surprised when this came on TV. Even my cousin, Connor was surprised as he recognized this movie.

The second was filmed in 1989 by Warner Bros. as it was filmed in the U.S. and Germany. It showed how the boy faced his fears as he returned to Fantasia and was reunited with his friends. He even jumped off a cliff where a waterfall was rushing as it was epic. The first two movies are good, but I do not want to know for what happened in the third movie. I’m sure this one had an end to end a never-ending story.

So I rate the two, 6/10 stars for the both of them. And how the band, Limahl made a good song. Cool.

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