Apocalypse Now

Watching the classic Vietnam War movie by Francis Ford Coppola, this becomes a 8/10 star movie. Starring Martin Sheen, Robert Duvall, Marlon Brando, Dennis Hopper, Lawrence Fishburne and Harrison Ford.

A young Army captain, who has been in Saigon, South Vietnam too long as he wanted a mission so bad, he wanted to be the only one. And he did. When they had heard a colonel had went insane and went rogue, working with the Vietnamese, he was ordered to terminate him.

Riding on a five man boat, they had to go up the Cambodia River, far away.

Before that, there was the hit famous Vietnam War scene in filmography history as helicopters, big and small ones, as they flew into battle, shooting everywhere as they played the music, “Ride of the Valkyries”. They were taking on a small Vietnamese costal village as fighter jets bombed everything.

It was cool on how one big helicopter can carry their boat, just to be sure on how heavy it is. That’s for how I saw that, and how they just live to do surfing in the waves, while fighting in the Vietnam War! Cool!

Surfing, a rock concert, music, bombing, and helicopters crashing, it’s like everybody’s acting like they can do anything. But it was cool, the way they were doing it.

Going up the river, watching out for Viet Cong, the captain wouldn’t give up. Three men were dead in this mission that they lost, two while doing up river, and one beheaded, by the insane rogue colonel himself!

The insane rogue colonel was like a god to them, as the Vietnamese wanted to worship him. As things went worse, the young captain had enough anger, as he began to strike at him. Whacking hard, covered in mud, he killed the colonel. He figured out for what he had done as he said these famous words.

“The horror….the horror….” (dies)

The young brave captain and his only crew member were the only two survivors, as the Vietnamese let them go free. In the end credits that were only shown in theaters, U.S. bombers bombed the rogue colonel’s temple and hideout, killing his men also. They were dead for good. Firebombed.

In this movie, it’s like an apocalypse to them, as people need to survive, and let people do whatever it is the best. Until then, what the young captain faced, was how one should never go insane and be like a god to the Vietnamese.

And that, was a hit breaking masterpiece I wanted to see.

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