A scene from “Shoulder Arms”


When I was at the Canadian War Museum, they showed this scene from the silent Charlie Chaplin movie, “Shoulder Arms”. I took this pic just in time. 

While out in No Mans Land, he fights along with his comrades against the Germans. It was tough living in the trenches as things can get muddy and rainy there. 

And this movie is pretty good. Only 46 minutes as it was made on October, 1918. A month before the war was over on November 11th, 1918. 

In this scene, he didn’t get any mail as he looks at other soldiers mail as he is like a peeping Tom. It’s not polite to be a peeping Tom, but in Chaplins case, he is curious. So he tries to be cheeky in all that.  

So try not be too much like him. After all, it was just a silent movie. 

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