Lusitania- 100th anniversary and it’s poster


Here I show, the propaganda poster for what they showed in WW1 and sinking ship history as the Lusitania sank off the coast of Ireland. By a torpedo from a German U-boat. Sank in 18 minutes. Since it was 1915, when WW1 was declared.

Irish men were to join the regiments of England and have their armies ready for WW1 as they were to fight the Germans. Out there in Europe. To this, that happened for America, a few Americans went to fight as America was not involved in WW1. Thanks to the Treaty of Versailles. This made America, go into WW1 but never did. They just stayed behind.

However, since today is the 100th anniversary on that ship, this is the 100th anniversary on it’s propaganda poster. Like WWI and WWII propaganda posters, like one from the animated movie, “War Game”, you may listen to a British generals song on that, as you may join today, and ‘play the game’. That is a good saying.

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