100th anniversary of the Lusitania

A hundred years ago during WWI in Europe, only a few members in the U.S. went to war in Europe as the U.S. wasn’t involved in WWI thanks to the Treaty of Versailles. However, the U.S. did had to go to war for maybe a chance, when this had occurred in 1915. On May 7th, 1915, the Lusitania was on a cruise with passengers, both Britain and American as they were carrying munitions, rations, and everything they can carry for those soldiers who need that in WWI. Their destination was from New York to Britain. Like the Titanic journey, except it showed casualties of war. On that very day the morning like around 9am, they were warned by German U-boats off the course of Ireland. It what it said in a paper. At 10am on that day, they didn’t realize there was a German U-boat. A submarine armed with torpedoes. They saw that ship. At a minute to 10am, the German U-boat submarine fired one torpedo or two, as it went fast. First class passengers saw it coming, as it was really fast. And before the people on board knew it, the torpedo slammed right in front of the hull of the Lusitania! There were two explosions by that torpedo. The first explosion hit the hull as it made a second explosion. With the Lusitania’s coal bunkers, all the coal, dust and oxygen were ignited as it made the second explosion. It tore the hull by all that, as it’s like igniting a fire with all that stuff. For what happened in that event on that day, to that sinking ship, and event in WW1, is a bad idea. Never carry too much coal. That way if a torpedo hits you, you’ll end up like this. Like the Empress of Ireland or the Titanic, the Lusitania’s bow plunged on the right side, into the waters below. Many passengers were trying to get out as some lifeboats were blown away by the explosion of the torpedo. At those moments, everyone got out and made it safely to shore. Like the Empress of Ireland, close enough, the Lusitania sank in 18 minutes. The Empress of Ireland only sank in 14 minutes in which it was a record. 764 survivors made it to land as 1,959 aboard perished. They made it to land by lifeboat as they were gathered. A funeral was held into Europe as they found dead bodies in the water. A lot of coffins were buried in the ground, in one single grave. Thousands. Lost their lives at sea as they found dead bodies in the water. After the funeral, a famous propaganda poster was held. A illustration of the Lusitania getting destroyed and people swimming in the water. Smoke coming from the smokestacks were getting blown from the engine room as everyone abandoned ship. “Irishmen. Avenge the Lusitania. Join an Irish Regiment To-Day” It was for people to join that, and go to war against Germany in WWI. After that somehow, U.S. was into entry of WW1. Almost as they didn’t. Some Americans went off to war, as some stayed behind. Since the 100th anniversary of the Titanic and Empress of Ireland, this is another 100th anniversary to this sinking ship. And a 100th anniversary event in WW1. Pretty cool with two great events in WW1 history. And coming soon, the Britannic and Andrea Doria. Maybe the USS Indianapolis. I’m not sure about movies, but there are three. One of them is with John Hannah who played Uncle Jonathan from the ‘Mummy’ movies. That is something to look up on! Since that happened in sinking ship history and WW1 history, they mentioned this on the TV show “Cash Cab” as they talked about the Lusitania’s sister ship, the Mauretania. Like that since the sinking of the Lusitania had occurred. I’m not sure what happened to it, but I am sure both sister ships together can rest in peace. And today, To commemorate the occasion, Cunard’s MS Queen Victoria, a cruise ship is undertaking a voyage in May 2015 to Cork, Ireland in commemoration of the loss of Lusitania.

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