Nigel Terry (1945-2015)


This was the legendary British actor, who played the real King Arthur in the 1981 movie, “Excalibur”. Nigel Terry. He was good at young Arthur first as he became the true king of England during his time. It was a smash hit. I am proud of this man. For what he did in his life. He also happened to be in “Troy” with Orlando Bloom as the King of Troy when she met Helen of Troy.

Just before he was 70 years old, he was 69 years of old age as he died of emphysema. The same thing for what happened to Leonard Nimoy. I was surprised to see this. I should’ve kept an eye on him more often, as how great an actor can be when his legacy can continue. He was such a legend, on how he was better than the stars that once played King Arthur in every single King Arthur motion picture there is.

I hope he had a happy life, and a good career in acting. Hopefully. I can imagine like in the 1981 movie, the three angel woman carry him on a boat, as they sail to heaven in the sky. Maybe that is what he wants, as Excalibur is given back to the Lady of the Lake. For sure for what he wants. A legacy in a legend will be remembered, as I want Hollywood to always remember this legendary King Arthur. A good man, a good king of England. Always remember this great man. Nigel Terry.

I hope he is okay in heaven, because he is a great King Arthur anyway. Long live King Arthur, forever.

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