Pokémon movie: Kyurem VS. The Sword of Justice

I saw this on YTV with my own eyes!

During the years when the series Pokémon was taking our story place in the Unova region, and how it was moved from YTV to Teletoon later, this showed this anime movie on TV with my own eyes on that channel, YTV.

Like the Alexander Dumas book, “The Three Musketeers”, four Pokémon were up to the challenge on saving friends. Ash, his Pokémon and friends rescued a friend named Keldeo as he was one of the four Pokémon that were like musketeers. On their horns, are swords. They magically appeared from them as they had an oath.

The fourth one was able to save his friends as they faced Kyurem. They saved enough of everyone as they will be like musketeers forever.

It was a good movie that I saw. I rate this one, a straight 7/10 stars.

Cartoon Network did aired this, but I’ll be watching YTV, Teletoon and North America until whatever happens.

And this did aired on Teletoon of course.

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