Pokémon movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened

I saw this on YTV and it’s prologue special on TV with my own eyes!

In the days before the anime series, Pokémon was moved from YTV to Teletoon, they showed one last anime movie to show including a prologue in which it was amazing!

Ash with his Pokémon in the Unova region, before she met Alexa, he, his Pikachu, his Pokémon and friends made it to a city in which a battle was struck on Pokémon and humans in that city. Alien robots known as Genesect. Four violet, one red one which is the leader.

Then came the legendary Mewtwo who up against them! Only this time, it was a female Mewtwo! You can tell when she can telepathically speak. I always wanted to see a female Mewtwo who can protect Pokémon and all people of the world. She can transform into her Mega form, when she is battling the red Genesect.

As the people in the city try to stay safe, the Pokémon in a park try to help including Ash and his friends. They even putted out flames in a tree, as a friend was rerouting the power on electricity. In a final attempt, Ash’s Charizard, and Iris’s Dragonite try to save Mewtwo and Genesect as they did. When the battle was over. Never again have a fight.

Genesect and his army left, as the female Mewtwo thanked Ash and his friends. Ash and Pikachu with Mewtwo will always be friends as they will meet again someday.

Before that, was a prologue as it happened on YTV along with its movie. And I saw this with my own eyes. How Mewtwo got her Mega form, and how she was protecting all Pokémon there is.

For the prologue and movie, 7/10 stars for both of them. And I am proud for this and that prologue. I was shocked to see that TV show moved, but from that day forward, YTV is a total children’s program bust! They did played some movies like “An American Tail: Fievel Goes West”, but that is all just total junk on that channel.

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