Be careful of artificial intelligence

Be careful of artificial intelligence on making machines and robots. Your imagination can lead for what you can create, but they can turn your back on you and betray you. 

Some of the movies in 2015 I’ve seen, showed me that lead to writing this. And you would never create killing machines like robots and cyborgs. 

There must be an explanation for what happened in the end of “A.I.- Artificial Intellegence” on how that robot kid was spirited back in his own home and how he and his mom went to the place ‘where dreams are born’. 

The same goes for the ending of “I, Robot” when all robots were looking at the hero robot and how it was he visioned in his drawing. I know in the end of “Bicentennial Man” where the android and the woman died at an old age, but sometimes, movies with robots needs good explanation.

“Transcendence” was totally lame on ‘A.I.’ when that woman made a mistake to Johnny Depp to bring him back to life, and for what they did on Earth. 

Machines like killer cyborgs, the ones in ‘Transcendence’, and other robots need to be sure on what they face, and know the three laws as always. 

People in the future need to know first, before they can create for what they visioned. So that robots can’t take over the world, to end humanity. 

We humans today, can lead to whatever is the most that humanity needs than making a doomsday machine to kill us all. We don’t want that. We need to change the world, than just robotic junk. Or a doomsday machine. 

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