When Marnie Was There (The last of Studio Ghibli)

Since Hayao Miyazaki retired, and how Studio Ghibli kept on going for a few months, they’ve decided to make the very last masterpiece. This struck Japan, as it’s coming to North America.

This movie has got to go through everything every movie does when they strike into theaters. See how many people come each day, at every time hour, throughout a month before it expires. To see how much money a movie can make when people go there and see it. After seeing it, and much of it’s ratings and how good it is, people will know to see if a movie like this one will be great.

With so much thought, ratings, and everything, an anime movie on this one could go in the Golden Globe Awards as it can win a Golden Globe. But more important for this one must face, it to see if it can win an Oscar. 5 or 6 of them. For Best Animated Motion Picture of the Year since Hayao Miyazaki did “Spirited Away” and “My Neighbor, Totoro”. “Ponyo” too of course.

This movie just has to win for the most, than that Disney crap, or any of those animated motion pictures that sound boring. It just has to go through everything there is, for what I said as it has to win many awards including an Oscar. 5 or 6.

Studio Ghibli has to live forever, as they are making this movie. It has to be popular to all anime fans no matter what. For what we can do, to help Studio Ghibli and all of it’s artists and it’s animators, we have to give them a chance on this movie that it has to be. The best than there is. To make them proud, useful, and wonderful again.

Between Japan and North America, we offer anime, and we need to make anime, between Japan and North America, equal. Remember, god made man. Both we North American and Japanese. And god made men, equal. And that’s what we need to do.

For the last of Studio Ghibli, like “The Last of the Mohicans”, we need to give this Japanese animated motion picture a chance to win. And therefore, when we do, we shall be happy again, and make both North American, and Japanese, equal. No matter what on anime, and manga. All that for Japanese animation. And everything, that we shall be thankful of, to Hayao Miyazaki and all od those Japanese animators of Studio Ghibli.

Studio Ghibli needs to live forever, and be remembered, forever.

And for what I can do, to help those two girls, Anna and Marnie, I shall help them no matter what. And be with them, no matter what.

For what Hayao did on ‘The Wind Rises’ and saving Nahoko in my heart, it’s all what matters to save Studio Ghibli no matter what.

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