The Rookie (1990)

Clint Eastwood and Charlie Sheen starred in this cop movie, as Charlie Sheen was known as ‘the rookie’. A group of Italian car criminals murdered a cops partner as the lone cop had a new partner. A rookie. They follow his tracks and places, as that senior officer wanted revenge on his old partner.

Like the ‘Dirty Harry’ franchise, it did took a while on things that are boring. But things became good. That’s why I rate this, 6/10 stars.

Charlie Sheen as that rookie became hard and motivated as he went furious. He even killed two dogs and blew flaming liquid at a bartender by using his mouth.

In the end, with the crime boss and his crew dead, his partner became as lieutenant of the police force as the rookie now an officer, now has a partner with him. Not bad for Charlie Sheen. He’s still the same since “Platoon”.

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