Edward Scissorhands

From of Tim Burton’s movies with Johnny Depp, this was freaky but good. Starring Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, Anthony Michael Hall, Alan Arkin, and Vincent Price in his final role before he died.

In a suburban type cheery neighborhood, everyone’s lives are normal. Kids are cool, men go to work and come home every night, as every woman wants to help and be cheery. Teenaged can just stay cool.

All lives are normal for them except a very old inventor. He lived in a big mansion up on a hill as he created a man. He had scissors for hands. On the day he was giving Edward real hands as a gift, the inventor was so old, he died of a heart attack as he left his creation unfinished. Edward and his freakish hands ruined his gift as they were just made of plastic. The inventor laid dead as Edward was all alone.

A door to door saleswoman took him home, as he was shy. However, he became a celebrity as he can cut hedges into anything, cut people’s hairs, and give their dogs a fur cut. It’s like Pinocchio, Grinch and Frankenstein all together as the cheery people had learned their lesson for what went wrong later.

At Christmas, he raged out as he decided to be where he belongs. In his own home, in that mansion. Winona Ryder as that girl who fell in love with him, told the entire story as an old woman to her granddaughter as her granddaughter was not tired, and wanted to hear a story.

The movie ended as Edward was happy to be back in his happy place. Home where the movie ended as he was building ice sculptures.

This was a ‘C-‘ movie, but good however. People like those that are cheeky, aren’t those noisy idiots from Whoville!

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