Bicentennial Man

I knew I always wanted to see a movie like this. When I looked at the cover of that movie, I felt like if he was an alien robot in disguise as he would reveal himself later on. But I realize, he was a robot as he was in disguised as a human when he had an upgrade.

Robin Williams played as a robot, who was programmed to serve humans. He served for the Martin family as he grew fond of everything. Years went by as things changed. Some people of the Martin family passed away as he wanted to change.

He did. When he went on a journey for a while, he ran into a robot upgrade factory as he had two upgrades. Skin, hair, and all that to be in disguised as a human as he had feelings and organs within him.

Years later, he was becoming more human as he was 200 years old. He and a love passed away as it was a 200 year journey for a robot to become q human being.

My aunt didn’t like it, but I did. I wanted to try something new. As thus for this, 6 1/2 out of 10 stars but really good. 

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