Brum, a TV show

Like Herbie the Love Bug, this was how he comes along. I’ve never seen a very small car like that. Thanks to my post on the Cotswold Motoring Museum that lead me to this, he can be cheery as he wants to help.

And whenever I see parts in ‘Herbie Rides Again’ and ‘Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo’, I can listen to this tune, just in case. I’m not a kid anymore, but just in case if anything goes wrong in those three Herbie movies, I can listen to this.

I don’t want to go hyperactive when I look at this. It’s like your spinning out of control when you do look at something.

Cars like he, Herbie, just be careful. They can make you go crazy. Or spinning out of control. I don’t want to go through too much of this again. Just be careful on what you see on TV.

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