Lost in a Harem

Abbott and Costello, before they were ‘Lost in Alaska’, they had gotten themselves lost in a harem!!

They played as two magicians along with an actress as they left an Arabian city for a kingdom, that a prince needed help. He needed their help because of his uncle and his two hypno rings to hypnotize.

He cared for them, because he needed their help. How he was desperate. In fact, he was falling in love with that blonde actress! They had gotten married in the end.

Before that, they had went through much trouble. Sleeping in a tent in camp, through the gates, hypnotized as termites, escaping a jail cell, and how I really hate an inmate who goes nuts! He tells stories too long as he goes crazy when someone says a word he hates.

And in the end, Bud and Lou ran into him one last time as they ran off in a flash. Through the desert back home. For what I saw in that movie, 5 and a half out of 10 stars.

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