The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness (Studio Ghibli)

This was a documentary movie, on how anime was created to the place where they are made. By Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli. This talked about him, his retirement and Isao Takahata.

In both of their lives, this showed on Hayao’s life and how he did great as an animator. From that, to how he was popular on his movies. Such as Studio Ghibli’s famous movies to hit Japan as they had hit North America. It did showed on Hayao’s daily life, but most important, it showed on how he and his animators made his movie before retirement, “The Wind Rises”.

They took a lot of animation and testing to see how the movie goes and follows. They worked on a Japanese voice cast before the English dubbed cast, music, painting, and how Hayao did the final scene in the movie.

He sure did painted Japanese airplanes in anime, as they were great in that movie. It used different types of Japanese planes in his movie from an old book as they looked exactly like them.

It takes time for making movies in anime, as you need to have time. Inside the studio, it’s amazing. I would want to work there, to take over Hayao’s work. Even the entire studio. There is just one thing only. Understand Japanese. It takes time to understand Japanese as I need to get ready to go to Japan.

And the best parts? Studio Ghibli is located, west of Tokyo at Higashi-Koganei as the Studio Ghibli Museum is located far a little more out west of Tokyo, at Inokashira Park in Mitaka. So if I need to pay a visit, they’ll be right there! Finding anime treasures, and seeing Hayao Miyazaki in person.

This is a 10/10 star documentary movie, you must see!

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